Casino Security/Surveillance

Course Description

This course introduces the concepts and training in the field of security/safety, security techniques and video surveillance. It covers the basic security principles in Casinos: ‘To observe and report’, the laws and powers of arrest, detainment, search and seizure, patrol procedures, report writing, field note taking, security systems and investigative techniques. It further explains the basic function and set-up of surveillance equipment and operational surveillance procedures to provide fairness of the games and game protection. Examples of scams, cheats and fraud illustrate the importance of security and surveillance in the protection of tribal assets.

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate and communicate verbal and written formats of security and surveillance objectives.
  • Quote and analyze the different authorities and implications of Public Law in sovereign territory.
  • Implement common security and surveillance measures.
  • Identify and classify the appropriate functions of standing and roaming security positions.
  • Identify the key components of security and surveillance equipment.
  • Perform incident note taking and brief desk reports.
  • Carry out basic report writing techniques.
  • Identify and use 25 basic radio-dispatching codes appropriately.
  • Implement the first responder functions for medical and other emergencies.
  • Create, inventory and explain the major components of surveillance equipment.
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