Fundamentals of Analytics

Course Description

This course introduces business analytics models and data in order to be used in marketing, SCM, performance management and financial management. Information Systems in organizations supports professionals scientifically to find valuable patterns from mass amount of transactions from the internal and external data. Using digitized data to derive on methodical decision-making supports the prediction of future growth and competitive advantage. Emphasis will be centered on specific models and methodologies in data collection, normalization and analysis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate rational to describe the application of business analytics at the strategic and operational levels of an enterprise.
  • Evaluate managerial support systems for decision making through advanced analytical techniques to gain expertise on problem-solving.
  • Assess the business and data components required for inclusion into system design to formulate the architecture requisite for real-time decision-making.
  • Differentiate database and data warehousing components in business analytics utilization.
  • Apply techniques for column, table, and cross-table data profiling.
  • Develop business analytics solutions to solve organizational problems.
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