Adv Coun Theories Methods

Course Description

An examination of the major theories of individual counseling and their application for school counselors and school psychologists. The focus is on building the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for expert counseling. Issues of social and cultural diversity in the context of helping relationships are addressed. Practicum Experience is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize current counseling theories in order to articulate one’s own counseling theoretical orientation that will inform your practice in order to help all students achieve their potential.
  • Conduct counseling sessions with appropriate counseling techniques and theories to address the multicultural, social, academic and behavioral needs of students preschool through 16th grade.
  • Assess legal and ethical mandates, guidelines, policies and procedures that guide the educational counseling profession.
  • Implement a school and community-based counseling program that is connected to the parents, community, and related community institutions.



Students are expected to complete 8 to 12 hours of field experience as a part of this course. The fieldwork experience should be noted on the practicum log of hours and a three to four page reflection on the experience should be written and submitted to the instructor. For this class appropriate field experiences may include observing counseling at a school, or a community or private agency that offer counseling to children, youth and adults. Candidates may visit local mental health agencies, boys and girls clubs, or local churches that offer counseling services by appropriate service providers (this includes Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists). All experiences must be logged and summarized for the instructor and signed by the appropriate representative from the field experience site. The reflection should include the following information:

What theory (is) was used as a strategy to help the client resolve the behavioral issues? Would you have selected the same theory or a different one? Please explain. Your view of the usefulness of the theory versus the presenting behavior. Your reaction, criticisms of the counseling skills demonstrated by the counselor. What did you learn that will inform your practical application of counseling theories in educational setting? Summarize your experience, sharing your positive or negative view of the counseling session. What approach would you have used?


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