Online Courses: The One Course a Month Option

When time is money and both are potentially in short supply, the prospect of going back to school can be challenging for many adult learners. For those students hoping to return to education, often after many years of being away from the classroom, traditional universities with their rigid academic calendars and semesters packed full of classes might not be an option. Adult learners need an alternative that can better fit their individual life experiences while delivering a first-class education.

National University believes in creating opportunities for students who don’t typically fit into the traditional college mold. Throughout National University’s diverse student body you’ll find active service military personnel and Veterans, business professionals and entrepreneurs, teachers and health care workers, working and stay-at-home parents, people launching new careers or second careers — in short, ambitious and curious people from all walks of life, studying for online degrees or working on career and personal enrichment goals that would otherwise be impossible for them to achieve anywhere else.

Students don’t enroll in classes at National University because its online degrees are easier than other educational establishments. National University’s online degrees are fully accredited and recognized by employers as valuable and desirable qualifications. These students come to National University because its online courses are better designed and delivered via an accessible platform that has been optimized with the adult learner in mind.

Flexible Online Courses

National University’s flexible online degrees are typically offered through a unique rolling system of one-month courses. These month-long courses run throughout the year with no downtime between traditional university semesters, creating opportunities for students to work towards their online degrees on their own timeframe and at their own pace.

There are many benefits to the rolling one-month courses when compared with the traditional university academic year. These include:

  • The opportunity to enroll in a program at any point of the year — students are never more than 30 days away from starting their online degrees or certificate programs.
  • The opportunity to focus on a single class at a time and not worry about juggling multiple deadlines for various pieces of coursework throughout a semester.
  • The opportunity to study at your own pace. For some students, the rolling one-month courses enable them to complete their online degrees at an accelerated pace. For others, there is the opportunity to take strategic breaks between periods of study enabling them to focus on other priorities or work on a timeline that is more comfortable for them.

Online: An Ideal Environment for Adult Learning

The flexibility afforded by the one-month courses is matched by the opportunity to study at a time and a place that suits each student’s individual needs.

Students can access online course materials, engage with their professors, other faculty members, and fellow cohorts, and submit coursework via any internet-enabled device. This means any free time on the schedule can be an opportunity to study. National students hit the books in the evening, during work breaks, or at the weekend. Some even find extra time for their studies while waiting to pick up their kids on the school run or sitting on the sidelines of a sports field.

Again, online does not mean easy. Online education takes a real level of dedication from adult learners, cooperation from friends and family, and good time management skills; there are several things to consider before you commit to starting any online program.

Educational and Personal Support

Despite the remote nature of online learning, National University students have several resources to call on should they need any additional support beyond their regular contact with professors and other faculty members.

As the first port of call, National University’s Student Services can advise students on the availability and eligibility for grants, scholarships, and financial aid. Once enrolled, the Academic Advisor team can help students plan their study schedules and classes and help make necessary accommodations should any unforeseen circumstances result in a student needing to delay taking a class (another advantage of the one-month course system).

As a military-friendly institution, National’s large community of military students can also rely on support from the university’s Veteran Center. This unique resource, staffed entirely by Veterans, provides expert advice on issues ranging from accessing educational assistance via the GI Bill, career advice, and employment opportunities, all the way through to helping military students attend class while coping with PTSD. The Veteran Center also provides a welcoming social environment where military students can meet each other (both online and face-to-face) to build friendships and share their common experiences.

Learn More about Adult Learning and Online Courses

National University has more than 75 online degree programs across a wide range of disciplines, including the liberal arts, education, health care, business, science, and technology.

To learn more about how National University’s one course a month option can help you access the education you need to achieve your life goals on your terms, visit the program page on our website.

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