Education San Diego: Psychology Degree Programs

Education San Diego Psychology Degree Programs

It is important for any prospective student researching psychology programs at universities in San Diego to consider how their degree will assist them in reaching their future career goals. This means carefully selecting the right program to match both your career aspirations and lifestyle. The good news is, for San Diego psychology students, National University offers a comprehensive range of psychology degree programs matched specifically to clearly defined career paths.

Psychology Jobs: San Diego

Psychology is a broad field and a psychology degree can open many different doors across a variety of vocations and industries. In San Diego, you will find psychology graduates treating people in the therapy office, optimizing athletic ability on the sports field, counseling young people in schools, enabling businesses to hit sales targets, keeping communities safe as law enforcement officers, and helping individuals choose a better life for themselves in probation and offices. Psychology graduates are also in constant demand within San Diego’s deep-rooted military community (both the US Navy and Marine Corp have large bases in the city), assisting service personnel and Veterans with mental health services, especially at emergency and traumatic levels.


San Diego Psychology Degree Programs

Because there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for psychology education, National University offers psychology degree programs tailored to suit the specific requirements of various career paths across the discipline.

These include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: A comprehensive introduction to the academic discipline, preparing graduates for roles in vocational counseling, criminal justice, journalism, or entry-level counseling, among others. This is also a significant first step towards a graduate program at the master’s or doctoral level.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology: A rewarding program for anyone seeking a career as a professional coach, focusing on performance, motivation, and the psychological benefits of sports.
  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior: This program focuses on business success, and equips professionals with the skills to manage and improve organizational performance.
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology: Preparing students to follow a career in professional counseling with two specialization options enabling graduates to work as a marriage and family therapist (MFT) or a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC).
  • Master of Arts in Human Behavior Psychology: Developed for students who want to work in the areas of supervision, management, and administration. This program will also benefit those seeking personal or career growth, or preparing for doctoral-level study.
  • Master of Arts in Performance Psychology: Exploring the latest in theory, research, and applied techniques across business, exercise physiology, the fine arts, military and combat psychology, and sports psychology.


National University — Accessible, Achievable Higher Education

As San Diego’s largest private, nonprofit university, National University offers its students a unique opportunity to study psychology on their own terms. National University’s rolling four-week courses mean students are never more than 30 days from starting on their degree program. This also typically means that students are able to complete their degree in a much shorter period of time than at a traditional university that follows a standard academic year. With the exception of the master’s in counseling psychology program which is only available on campus, students have the opportunity to attend class online or on campus (or a hybrid), meaning periods of study can be scheduled around work or family commitments.


The Size of the Opportunity in San Diego

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the San Diego-Carlsbad area is the eighth-highest metropolitan area in the United States for employment opportunities in the field of psychology, with approximately 1,730 people employed in clinical, counseling and school psychologist roles, earning a median wage of $86,060 per year.

Across the state of California, the opportunities in the field are equally compelling with the average median wage increasing to $90,210 per year.

Nationally, prospects in the field of psychology look set to rise with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating a 14 percent increase in demand over the next decade.


Psychology: A Degree That Opens Doors

A degree in psychology can open many doors to a rewarding career. Start your journey today in San Diego with a degree from National University. To learn more about our programs and to download our psychology career guide, visit our Social Sciences & Psychology degrees page.

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