FNP689 FNP Capstone

Course Description

Students demonstrate integration of knowledge from the core, core clinical, and clinical coursework in the MSN-FNP Program. The compilation and interpretation of information from previous courses is demonstrated in a scholarly paper and successfully passing an exam which mirrors the national board certification examination for Family Nurse Practitioners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize research findings to serve as the basis for clinical and organizational decision making.
  • Model quality cost-effective care as evidenced by the management of human, fiscal, and physical healthcare resources.
  • Examine professional values, ethical principles, and legal constraints in the collection of data.
  • Utilize a range of theories to develop a comprehensive and holistic approach to care.
  • Develop an understanding of diversity in health and illness.
  • Design comprehensive, holistic plans of care that address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of client populations.
  • Interpret data acquired through assessments and the results of laboratory and diagnostic tests.
  • Formulate the differential diagnoses derived from the acquired clinical data.
  • Utilize advanced independent nursing interventions when managing individuals with stable and/or chronic health states.
  • Demonstrate collaboration with the interdisciplinary health care team in the management of clients with acute or chronic health problems.
  • Evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of care based on quality improvement indices and measures.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the utilization of telecommunication technologies, informatics, and electronic health record systems in the management and dissemination of healthcare data and outcomes.