Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators

The Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators is a strong graduate program in mathematics designed for people holding teaching single subject credentials in mathematics or a bachelor's degree in mathematics and very close areas.

This program is appropriate for students who want a broad background in pure mathematics, including those who desire to be a mathematics educator, prepared for teaching in a community college or in the first two years of a college program. It is also aimed at high-school teachers who would like to expand their mathematics background and improve their credentials. The program will give students greater expertise in both mathematics and mathematics education. This program does not confer any state certification as a teacher.

Over the course of the program, students formulate an original research question, examine the question at various mathematics and mathematics education branches, and conduct research to produce a master's thesis suitable for peer-reviewed presentation. Students develop thesis projects in consultation with program faculty. The thesis process provides training in research methods and design, analysis, and scientific writing to enable students to participate in the field of mathematics and mathematics education at the entrance professional research level.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Based on acquired advanced mathematical abilities analyze and evaluate main principles of general mathematics and mathematics education.
  • Evaluate primary research in mathematics education and related areas, including the identification of strengths and weaknesses of studies.
  • Analyze the research results and data on curricular materials, content, teaching methods, and new trends in mathematics education.
  • Propose and employ new robust and theoretically grounded approaches, methods and curricular related researches in teaching mathematics.
  • Conduct original research in mathematics education and related mathematical content areas.


To receive a Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators, students must complete at least 45 quarter units of graduate coursework.  A total of 4.5 graduate quarter units may be granted for equivalent graduate work completed at another institution, as it applies to this degree and provided the units were not used in earning another advanced degree.  Students should refer to the section on graduate admission requirements for specific information regarding admission and evaluation.

Program Prerequisites (5 courses; 22.5 units)
Core Requirements (10 courses; 45 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):