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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) - RN Completion

Lead Faculty: Dr. Rebecca Dahlen

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Thursday August 28 @ 5:30pm
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Individuals expressing interest in studying nursing at National University will be provided with objective counseling regarding all of the options available to them through the Department of Nursing. Enrollment in the University does not automatically include admission to a nursing program.

Equivalency Requirements

Licensed RNs who have not earned the Associate of Science in nursing degree can meet equivalency requirements by completing the general education requirements, the preparation for the major and Anatomy and Physiology (12 quarter units). Students can use Anatomy and Physiology to meet the Physical and Biological Sciences general education requirements, or they can use prior coursework from other regionally accredited institutions. The basic nursing education program must have included coursework in those areas required by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking to study nursing at National University must:

  1. Meet all requirements for admission to an undergraduate degree program at the University as outlined in the University Catalog.
  2. Have obtained a 2.0 cumulative GPA from all regionally accredited institutions attended.
  3. Submit a separate application for admission into a specific nursing program
  4. Provide proof of current, active, and unencumbered RN license in the State of residence.
  5. Submit the appropriate nursing program application.
  6. Provide Evidence of current AHA Healthcare Provider BLS CPR Card throughout the program.
  7. Provide evidence of current, active professional liability and malpractice insurance coverage throughout the program.
  8. Provide one official transcript from each college or university attended.

*Note: Meeting the minimum requirements, as listed above, does not guarantee admission into a nursing program. If at any time after the student is found to be in violation of any of these requirements, the student will be dismissed from the BSN program.

Additional Prerequisite Requirement

Students should be proficient in operating a personal computer, including:

Demonstrated competency in standard computer operating systems and electronic filing systems, basic keyboarding skills, organizing and sorting electronic documents; Demonstrated knowledge of standard computer applications to include Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; Familiarity with using internet browsers and standard email systems such as MS Outlook.

Admission Process

Admission into the nursing programs at National University is a two-step process: 1) Application to the University; and 2) Application to the respective nursing program. Prospective students should follow the University application requirements listed in the General Admission Procedures section of this catalog. In addition, prospective nursing students will complete a separate application for admission to a specific nursing program. These applications, with supporting documents, should be sent to the Department of Nursing RN BSN Completion program and indicate instructional format preferred, On-line or hybrid. Please select which campus for Hybrid instruction; San Diego, Fresno, Henderson, Los Angeles, Woodland Hills. These addresses are found on the Nursing application, online, and on the back of the University Catalog. Students taking their preparation courses at National University are held to the same standard as those who transfer preparation courses in from other schools. A prospective student should first meet with an Admissions Advisor. The Advisors are located at each of the University campus offices. The prospective student will arrange to have transcripts from all other colleges and universities sent to National University. These courses will be evaluated for equivalency to National University Department of Nursing required prerequisite courses.

Following the receipt of all application items, the prospective student s packet will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee for the Department of Nursing, and a decision made regarding acceptance. Admission will be offered to students achieving complete applicant files, until all class positions are filled for any one cohort. The prospective student will receive a letter regarding this decision. Students who are not accepted may re-apply for admission to the Nursing Program a total of 3 times, if she/he is interested.

Students are not eligible for financial aid until the Nursing application, Evaluation Packet, and the formal degree evaluation is done by the Office of the Registrar.

Before participating in practicum, students must submit proof of a health clearance that complies with the health facility s requirements for immunizations and health screening tests. In addition, before engaging in practicum practice at health facilities, students will be required to obtain professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate. Continued liability coverage as well as current health clearance and immunity coverage is required throughout the program.

The Department of Nursing requires that students who participate in fieldwork in healthcare facilities maintain current health insurance coverage and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certificate from the American Heart Association (BLS-Basic Life Support for healthcare Providers plus AED certification). The student is responsible to determine if his/her insurance coverage includes provisions for emergency room visits in the event of a needle stick or other high risk exposure in the clinical setting, as well as the costs of anti-HIV drugs if the physician determines the medications are warranted.

Students will need to provide their own transportation to class and all practicum experiences.

In carrying out the nondiscrimination policy of the Department of Nursing with regard to students with disabilities, the Department will make reasonable modifications for students with disabilities. Any requests for accommodation will be considered through the University s Office of Special Services as described in the university catalog.

Program Advisement

All accepted students will be assigned a Nursing Faculty Counselor. Students are encouraged to periodically communicate with both the Nursing Faculty Counselor and the University Advisor throughout the program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop caring, therapeutic nursing relationships with individuals, families and groups.
  2. Provide safe, high quality, culturally competent, patient-centered nursing care for individuals across the life span in a variety of settings.
  3. Participate in the continuous improvement of nursing care quality and safety.
  4. Use nursing judgment to manage, prioritize, and delegate patient care in a variety of health care settings.
  5. Effectively communicate and collaborate with patients and the interdisciplinary team.
  6. Demonstrate professional identity by incorporating established standards of practice within the legal and ethical framework of nursing.
  7. Apply best, current evidence into nursing practice to achieve desired outcomes.


To receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), students must complete at least 180 quarter units as articulated in the general catalog, 45 of which must be completed at National University, 76.5 of which must be completed at the upper-division level and the program must fulfill the University General Education requirements. In absence of transfer credit, students may need to take additional general electives to satisfy the total units for the degree. Remedial courses accepted for the ASN degree may not transfer.  Students should refer to the section on undergraduate admission procedures for specific information on admission and evaluation.

A maximum of 45 quarter units (30 semester units) of lower division credit may be allowed for clinical courses for a registered nurse who is a graduate of a three-year hospital nursing school. Up to 22.5 quarter units (15 semester units) of additional lower division credit may be granted for academically equivalent coursework. Students should refer to the section on undergraduate admission procedures for specific information on admission and evaluation.

Preparation for the Major (6 courses; 27 quarter units)
Nursing Core Courses (10 courses; 40.5 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Upper-Division Electives (3 courses; 13.5 quarter units)
In the absence of upper-division transfer units, 13.5 quarter units of upper-division coursework may be needed to meet the minimum upper-division requirement of 76.5 quarter units. In the absence of upper-division or lower-division transfer units, 9 quarter units of coursework may be needed to meet the overall unit requirements for the degree of 180 quarter units. Electives should be chosen in consultation with the faculty and/or admission advisor.