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Dr. Jayne Moore

Dr. Jayne Moore
National University
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Nursing students write an essay as part of the admission process. Many start that “I’ve always have wanted to be a nurse” and they list various reasons. I can say that I’ve been passionate about nursing for a long time, having a part in the lives in patients and the students I serve. It is a special opportunity to influence someone at some of the most challenging times in their lives. It is the same with students. I’ve been a nurse educator for a long time and it is my passion to help produce competent, committed professional nurses who are life- long learners and who help their patients return to or maintain health or support families throughout life’s experiences.

It has been my opportunity to participate in program development at several schools, particularly in beginning the RN to BSN programs to assist nurses achieve their goal, or to begin new BSN programs. I am energized with working in the nursing community to see opportunities for professional growth and development. At National, it is especially gratifying to work in an area with such energy and diversity of population and to meet a need for high quality nursing graduates.

Professionally I am interested in what we can learn from earlier generations. Doing life review research allows me to see life through others eyes. From the interviews completed, individuals talk about living from technology being a horse and buggy to seeing Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, and the development of the space station. They are concerned that their family members eat more healthy food, exercise more and spend less time with computer games. As a society we can learn from their varied experience. I am also interested in assisting faculty in developing their skills and growing professionally.

Effective Teaching - University of Wyoming

Senior Scholar Mentor - University of Nevada, Reno

Content Taught
Professional Transition—RN to BSN
Fundamentals in Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Nursing Research
Politics, Policy, Ethics and Nursing
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Health Assessment
Clinical Nurse Specialist Courses


Doctorate of Philosophy, Nursing, University of Wyoming

Masters in Arts, Nursing, Texas Woman’s University

Bachelors of Science, Nursing, University of Utah