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NSG446 Quality Improvement Practicum

Lead Faculty: Dr. Rebecca Dahlen

Course Description

Students collaborate with a clinical facility based Quality Improvement (QI) Team to conduct a Quality Improvement project under the supervision of a Practicum Preceptor and the course instructor. A written report of the project is required. Course is S/U grading.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide safe, high quality, culturally competent, patient-centered nursing care for individuals across the life span in a variety of settings
  • Participate in an evidence-based, quality improvement project focused on patient safety or care delivery improvement
  • Employ project management, consultative and leadership skills with a collaborative, interdisciplinary team in a project designed to improve clinical practice and or patient safety
  • Evaluate the process and/or outcomes of the quality improvement project, depending on the progression of the project during the studentandamp;#8217;s practicum.