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NSG692A Informatics Practicum I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Kracun

Course Description

Students experience the informatics nurse advanced practice role within a selected health care or vendor setting. The course is designed as a capstone experience to integrate and apply competencies required in the informatics nurse specialist role. This is the first of two required practica. Grading is S/U only. Course is eligible for In Progress (IP).

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement the role of informatics nurse specialist in a practice setting.
  • Design evidence-based practice change projects to improve the quality of data, information and knowledge used to support nursing practice.
  • Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team in an informatics setting in projects designed to support and improve patient safety and care quality care through improvement in clinical information systems.
  • Apply informatics theory and research in the practice setting.
  • Participate in projects designed to improve the data, information and knowledge available to nurses in healthcare settings.