NSG688B Indiv Psychotherapy Practicum

Course Description

Learner applies theories and principles of individual psychotherapy learned in NSG688A. Assesses motivation and readiness for treatment. Applies various therapeutic relationship strategies based on evidence to reduce emotional stress, facilitate cognitive and behavior change and foster personal growth. NSG688A and NSG688B must be taken concurrently and completed satisfactorily to progress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize evidence for practice to determine appropriate application of behavioral health interventions across diverse populations.
  • Integrate theory, evidence, clinical judgment, research, and interprofessional perspectives using translational processes to improve advanced behavioral health nursing practice and associated health outcomes for patient aggregates.
  • Use information and communication technologies, resources, and principles of learning to teach patients and others with behavioral health issues.
  • Create professional boundaries to preserve the integrity of the psychotherapeutic process.
  • Employ principles of self-efficacy/empowerment and other self-management theories in promoting relationship development and behavior change.