NSG688A Individual Psychotherapy

Course Description

Provides a comprehensive review of individual psychotherapy principles and treatment approaches commonly used in primary care. Explores ways of developing effective therapeutic relationships with an emphasis on therapeutic communication. Supportive, psychodynamic, solution-focused brief therapy and cognitive-behavioral theories and practices are analyzed. NSG688A and NSG688B must be taken concurrently and completed satisfactorily to progress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate principles of recovery in planning care for individuals with complex medical-psychological issues.
  • Employ collaborative strategies in the design, coordination and evaluation of patient-centered behavioral health care.
  • Synthesize evidence for practice to determine appropriate application of behavioral health interventions across diverse populations.
  • Illustrate learning and teaching principles in the design, implementation and evaluation of behavioral health education programs for individuals in a variety of settings.
  • Use the patient-PMHNP relationship as a vehicle for therapeutic change.