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NSG673 Fiscal Mgmt in Clin Operations

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Kracun

Course Description

Focus is on the use of clinical facility budget as a tool for planning and control of operations with the goal of safe, thrifty, high quality patient care. Budgets of units, departments and special projects are considered as well as capital expenditures, zero-based budgeting, and variable budgeting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a budget for a clinical nursing department that supports safe and high quality patient care.
  • Plan for major and minor equipment and supplies needs in a clinical operation.
  • Justify the components of a budget for a clinical operation.
  • Use a budget as a tool for control and management in a clinical operation.
  • Analyze budget variances and develop control methods, tools and procedures to align use of financial resources with the organizationandamp;#8217;s mission and goals.