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NSG672 Clinical Personnel Admin

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Kracun

Course Description

Effective human resources management is essential to providing safe, high quality patient care. Effective recruitment, retention, and management policies and procedures are addressed to develop a well-educated nursing workforce. Benefits and challenges of attaining Magnet status are considered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Optimize the quality and safety of nursing services through recruitment, selection, personnel management, and retention policies and procedures that comply with human resource laws and best practices.
  • Develop performance appraisal tools and procedures that advance the organizationandamp;#8217;s mission, philosophy, and strategic plans.
  • Using evidence, best practices, and benchmark data, write behavioral objectives and competency outcome statements that clearly define expected results of work.
  • Apply change theory to implement significant changes designed to advance the mission and goals of the nursing department in a healthcare organization.
  • Plan a program of continuous education for a nursing department that advances the principles of a learning organization.
  • Participate in the effort to gain Magnet Recognition for a healthcare organization.