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NSG660 Clinical Decision Support

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary Kracun

Course Description

A variety of systems designed to support nursing decision-making are explored. Strengths and limitations of human decision-making strategies and the need for decision support are presented. Topics include data analysis, information retrieval systems, expert systems and artificial intelligence systems. Design of expert systems is described.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a role as the informatics nurse expert participating in an interdisciplinary team established to construct an expert system for a selected clinical diagnosis problem.
  • Articulate several models for decision support and outcomes prediction, and discriminate between models which can be expressed algorithmically and those which cannot.
  • Select the best algorithmic model for making decisions about a selected nursing problem and use that model to write the functional specifications for an expert system to support nursing decision-making.
  • Collaborate in the development of the data warehouse necessary for the planned expert system.
  • Construct a model for the inference engine for the expert clinical diagnosis and treatment system.