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NSG650 Foundations of Informatics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mary McHugh

Course Description

This course applies health information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) to advanced practice nursing, including how IT/IS may be utilized to impact clinical outcomes and the delivery of care through knowledge acquisition, processing, generation, dissemination and feedback.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the evolution of informatics science and application in advanced nursing practice.
  • Compare and contrast roles, employment opportunities, certifications, and career paths in nursing informatics.
  • Analyze the application of health data and enabling information technologies and systems for clinical knowledge acquisition, processing, generation, dissemination and feedback.
  • Explain and interpret the roles of health information system applications common in healthcare organizations and integrated delivery systems.
  • Diagram and analyze the information systems lifecycle and the process and critical issues related to identifying information and systems requirements and design.
  • Describe and apply legal and regulatory requirements to the ethical use of health information and technology in healthcare including clinical practice, disclosure of information, confidentiality and security.