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NSG440 Issues in Professional Nursing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bonnie Marblestone

Course Description

(Prerequisites: completion of all other required nursing courses) A capstone course that explores the historical roots and current catalysts of complex issues of nursing education, practice and scholarship. Also analyzes multiple interpretations of selected issues and strategies for resolving issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Trace the historical development of the role of the professional nurse.
  • Summarize historical patterns of education for nurses and predict patterns of education for the future.
  • Compare and contrast patterns of nursing employment and the development of autonomous roles of the professional nurse.
  • Trace the development of professional associations for nurses and describe patterns of nurse mentorship. Discuss the concept of empowerment of
  • Discuss the concept of empowerment of nurses and social mandates for nursing.
  • Describe the development of nursing scholarship and articulate the relationship among theory, research, and practice.


Recommended Preparation