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NSG422 Nursing Research

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lara Carver

Course Description

This course introduces students to quantitative and qualitative research in nursing by reviewing, evaluating and critiquing current research studies which use a variety of designs. Throughout the course, an emphasis will be placed on the philosophical underpinnings of the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms as well as the use of research in nursing practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the components of the research process as they relate to descriptive, correlational, experimental, ethnographic, phenomenological, and historical designs.
  • Summarize the worldview and philosophical underpinnings of the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms.
  • Evaluate the psychometric properties of selected research instruments.
  • Develop a plan for utilization of selected nursing research findings in a simulated practice setting.
  • Summarize strategies used to ensure validity and/or trustworthiness of data.
  • Discuss issues related to participant observation and field studies.
  • Critique selected nursing research studies using a guise for reviewing and evaluating research.