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NSG413 Population Based Nursing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alice Noquez

Course Description

Concepts of nursing at the level of groups, communities and populations are introduced and analyzed. A systems focus is utilized for health promotion within selected vulnerable populations. Health policy development through collaboration with stakeholders at the level of individual, family, neighborhood, and community are evaluated.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the basic principles of population and community based nursing practice.
  • Utilize nursing judgment to integrate principles of primary,secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention to a population within the community setting.
  • Analyze selected vulnerable populations for abuse and neglect to comply with national regulatory reporting requirements for early detection and treatment.
  • Evaluate health promotion teaching and learning strategies using current evidence for selected populations to include geographic, demographic, cultural and other vulnerable communities
  • Evaluate options for emergency preparedness plans and the role of public policy.
  • Complete at least 7 hours of training in the prevention, early detection, intervention, California reporting requirements, and treatment of child neglect and abuse.