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NSG336A Child-Bearing Family Lab

Lead Faculty: Ms. Robin Faris

Course Description

Practical application of nursing judgment and integration of obstetric nursing concepts to plan and provide safe, patient-centered, culturally competent care for clients and families. Students use current evidence to plan and implement individualized patient care. Grading is S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate collaborative care with patients, families and other members of the nursing and healthcare team in the provision of professional, competent perinatal care.
  • Practice patient, family and staff safety in the perinatal healthcare and wellness setting.
  • Prioritize nursing interventions to plan care that supports optimal outcomes for the obstetrical patient and family.
  • Apply evidence-based strategies to meet the perinatal family's dynamic needs.
  • Evaluate the nursing plan of care based on the patient/family response to therapeutic interventions.
  • Practice individualized patient education and health promotion that is consistent with legal and ethical standards for perinatal nursing practice.
  • Combine information and technology to support the plan of care for perinatal patients.