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NSG326 Psychosocial Nursing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Catherine Prato

Course Description

Introduction to evidence-based concepts related to major psychiatric diagnoses that occur across the lifespan. The focus is using the nursing process to provide safe patient-centered care in a variety of care settings with commonly occurring mental health disorders. Emphasis is on mental health specific interventions, behavior management, and therapeutic communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the role of the mental health nurse including professional behaviors that meet legal and ethical standards.
  • Differentiate the roles of the collaborative healthcare team in a variety of mental health settings
  • Describe common behaviors associated with major DSM IV TR mental health disorders across the lifespan.
  • Plan evidence-based nursing care for patients with common mental health disorders.
  • Select safe and appropriate therapeutic communication techniques when caring for patients experiencing exacerbations of their mental illness.