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NSG230A Patho/Pharm IA

Lead Faculty: Ms. Jennifer Powers

Course Description

Nursing implications related to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics for the safe use of drug therapy for adult patients are discussed. Prototype drugs for each classification will be used to illustrate drug actions, side effects, contraindications and precautions. The etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, and pharmacological disease management will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the nursing implications of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics for safe utilization of drug therapy
  • Describe the importance of the patient-centered nursing judgment in the safe delivery of medications
  • Explain the drug actions, side/adverse effects, sociocultural considerations, contraindications and precautions of selected therapeutic and pharmacologic classifications based on current evidence
  • Differentiate between commonly occurring disease processes and their pharmacology management