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NSG215 Gerontological Nursing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lori Michelangelo

Course Description

Physiological and psychosocial factors affecting the health of older adults will be emphasized. Health promotion and safe nursing care will be founded on evidence-based practice principles. Role of the professional nurse and interdisciplinary team in managing special healthcare issues of older adults is emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain normal physiologic and psychosocial factors affecting the health and safety of the older adult.
  • Explain the interdisciplinary team collaboration needed to address the complex care needs of older adults.
  • Incorporate the clinical significance of age-related changes in communication, risk of disease, emotions and spiritual distress, atypical presentations, and health in the nursing care plan.
  • Explain the nurseandamp;#8217;s legal and ethical responsibilities to older adults in the context of their status as a vulnerable population.
  • Identify caring, evidence-based collaborative practices to promote and maintain function and comfort in older adults while respecting their personal preferences, values and beliefs.
  • Plan for pharmacologic safety for older adults with multiple health problems or multiple drug use to improve the quality of their care