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NSG 205 Medical-Surgical Nursing I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Tina Ho

Course Description

Introduction to the safe, patient-centered care of adult medical-surgical patients. An emphasis is placed on the utilization of the nursing process and evidence based practice when caring for patients with common problems that have predictable outcomes in a variety of health care settings. Concurrent enrollment in NSG 205A is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe common adult health problems to plan safe nursing care based on current evidence.
  • Identify diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions used in the nursing care of the adult patients with common health problems.
  • Compare and contrast assessment findings along the health/illness continuum of the adult patient.
  • Develop patient-centered plans of care based upon assessment findings of patients from the clinical setting.
  • Recall health promotion strategies relevant to the adult population.
  • Recognize therapeutic communication techniques to effectively relate to adults of culturally diverse backgrounds in various healthcare settings.
  • Describe the role of the nurse including professional behaviors and ethical comportment.