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NSG204A Nrs Found & Health Assess Lab

Lead Faculty: Theresa Tarrant

Course Description

This course covers practical application of holistic health assessment as the basis for nursing intervention and practice, interviewing skills, health history, physical examination, cultural variations and laboratory and diagnostic procedures throughout the lifespan of clients. Using the language of nursing, students will devise basic plans of care for patients. Practical application of beginning knowledge and skills required for nursing care of patients with commonly occurring health problems is demonstrated in both laboratory and clinical settings. Through simulation and patient interaction, use of therapeutic skills of communication will be analyzed. Clinical Laboratory is graded on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis based on successful completion of the course requirements. Concurrent enrollment in 204 is required. (Nevada only)

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize beginning therapeutic communication skills in interactions with patients, peers and health care team members.
  • Demonstrate increasing self awareness and behavior consistent with personal and professional development.
  • Define and begin to utilize critical thinking through the nursing process: assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating, in administering routine care to patients presenting commonly occurring health problems.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform assessment skills of inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation necessary to the comprehensive physical assessment.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform a Physical Assessment on clients throughout the lifespan.
  • Return demonstration of vital sign assessment and identification of normal ranges.
  • Understand medical terminology and use appropriately in the nursing documentation process.
  • Demonstrate ability to accurately perform and document assessment data as appropriate when providing patient care.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform basic nursing skills by satisfactory performance on the clinical skills examination.