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NSG204 Nrs Found & Health Assess

Course Description

Utilizing the nursing process framework, this course focuses on meeting basic human needs through planning and implementing nursing care to contribute to achievement of health goals of the patient. This course covers beginning knowledge of patients with commonly occurring health problems. The student will learn therapeutic communication techniques and develop interviewing skills. The student will learn a holistic approach to health assessment as the basis for nursing intervention and practice. Concurrent enrollment in 204A is required unless approved by the Department Chair. (Nevada only).

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical thinking in the application of health assessment skills to the nursing process when caring for individuals, families, or small groups as client; including their psychosocial, sociocultural, spiritual, and family structure/system/status as appropriate.
  • Identify and apply the concepts of a complete and problem-focused assessment with an emphasis on expected normal finding for any client throughout the life span.
  • Utilize the steps in the nursing process to organize a patient plan of care using the language of nursing.
  • Identify appropriate nursing actions and their rationale to respond to human health and illness.
  • Apply teaching and counseling strategies regarding health assessment and patient education for human beings across the life span.
  • Contemplate ethical/legal and cultural/spiritual issues surrounding meeting basic human needs for health care particularly as they relate to end-of-life scenarios.
  • Apply the principles and method of drug administration and IV therapy with accurate medication dosage calculation using the Apothecary and Metric Systems.
  • Apply diverse communication techniques and interpersonal skills designed to facilitate interview techniques in obtaining health assessment data from diverse patient populations.
  • Identify sociocultural variables that impact the health status of selected populations by recognizing and appreciating the uniqueness of the individual and their families.
  • Understand and demonstrate basic nursing math calculations of drug dosages in the Apothecary, Metric and Household systems.