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DNP870 Capstone

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cheryl Ahern-Lehmann

Course Description

Students demonstrate integration of advanced practice competencies through completion of a capstone project conducted in the student's practice focus area. The project requires the student to identify an opportunity for practice improvement, and to plan, implement, and evaluate a new practice, protocol, program, or system improvement in a clinical setting. This course is 100 hours in length. Grading is by S or U only. The course is eligible for an IP grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve nursing practice by implementing an improvement project in a clinical site.
  • Collaborate with a preceptor to identify an opportunity for practice improvement.
  • Use the professional literature and personal expertise to identify or support the development of an improved, evidence-based practice, procedure, protocol, program or system improvement.
  • Collaborate with the preceptor's clinical facility team and project chair in the development of an implementation plan for the change.
  • Lead implementation of the change.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the change.