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DNP840A Informatics Practicum I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cheryl Ahern-Lehmann

Course Description

Students apply knowledge from DNP Core courses to improve healthcare quality and safety through evidence-based changes in nursing Informatics Practice. Students integrate informatics and DNP Core competencies to advance patient care quality through improved data, information, and knowledge designed to support nursing judgment and decision-making. This course is 200 practicum hours in length. Grading is by S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in healthcare information systems.
  • Design evidence-based practice change projects to improve the quality of data, information and knowledge used in information systems that support health care.
  • Engage in the role of evidence-based change advocate in advanced practice in nursing informatics.
  • Implement and evaluate an evidence-based change in the information systems or information systems support processes in a healthcare agency.
  • Translate informatics research into clinical informatics nursing practice.
  • Formulate researchable questions relevant to nursing informatics with an emphasis on improving the data, information and knowledge available to nurses in healthcare settings.