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Areas of Study

DNP817 Policy Analysis, Advocacy

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cheryl Ahern-Lehmann

Course Description

Uses a socio-political perspective to explore health policy development, implementation and evaluation at national, state, and local levels. Students will be prepared to discuss the complexities of health policy development, analysis, implementation, and advocacy, including challenges and barriers. The DNP contribution to health policy and the use of evidence to inform policy will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare policy development models in terms of their usefulness as frameworks for conducting health policy analysis.
  • Analyze goals, values/preferences of constituent groups and forces that are influencing or had influenced the development of a specific health care policy.
  • Complete a full document analysis of a current health care policy.
  • Evaluate the impact of a public health policy on the health and social well-being of an identified population of people.
  • Collaborate in the formulation, implementation, or evaluation of a current or developing health care policy.