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DNP813 Healthcare Financial Mgmt

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cheryl Ahern-Lehmann

Course Description

U.S. healthcare financial system impact on care access, costs, outcomes analyzed. Healthcare budgeting, fiscal reporting and evaluation, financial forecasting, risk and market analysis, and strategic planning covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Contrast healthcare provider organizations to traditional business models in terms of structure, stakeholders, and financial decision-making and control methods.
  • Analyze major funding sources for healthcare providers.
  • Discriminate cost control measures from revenue management strategies at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of the organization.
  • Analyze the relationship of nursing costs (including staffing levels and skill mix) to patient care outcomes.
  • Evaluate the financial performance of a hospital using example hospital financial statements.
  • Summarize current issues in health care finance.
  • Employ principles of business, finance, and economics to develop plans for practice-level or system-wide change initiatives that will improve care delivery.
  • Synthesize practice and administrative decision-making comlexities created by health care reimbursement methods and formulas.
  • Interpret typical hospital financial performance metrics.