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DNP801 Doctor of Nurs. Practice Role

Course Description

Introduction to the practice doctorate role and contributions graduates are prepared to make in nursing practice and education. Students explore the history, social context, and philosophical basis of the role. Differentiation between Masters, DNP, and PhD roles and competencies are explored. Students define goals for DNP program and future roles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret the historical, political, social, medical, and nursing events as they influenced the development of the DNP degree.
  • Define a role for your advanced nursing practice that accounts for and contrasts different knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies of nurses prepared at the BSN, MSN and DNP versus PhD levels.
  • Apply ethical concepts, nursing theoretical frameworks, and current research to interpret the role of the advanced practice nurse in society.
  • Interpret and evaluate the professional literature in nursing and related disciplines to continuously advance the art and science of advanced practice nursing.