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IHC 630 Advanced Health Coaching Semin

Lead Faculty: Dr. Patric M. Schiltz

Course Description

Opportunity to explore advanced topics in health coaching. Students will demonstrate learning through assignments including: reading of primary texts, virtual discussions and application of learned material via written work. Students will acquire a depth of knowledge and understanding of ways to serve their clients as health coach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate models of wellness coaching.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of motivational interviewing and related communication styles.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core skills of motivational interviewing and when to use it, as well as why it is important for health coaching.
  • Define "change talk" and how to use it to help coaching clients get "unstuck" and move forward.
  • Create a Coaching Agreement and Policies and Procedures manual.
  • Discuss ambivalence and motivation and how to determine when either or both are occurring in a coaching conversation.
  • Recognize how and when to use tools with clients and develop a personal Coaching Toolkit.