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IHC 620 The Coaching Relationship

Lead Faculty: Dr Patric M. Schiltz

Course Description

Focus on health coaching as a transformational journey. Emphasis on understanding change from a transformative learning and adult development perspective. Topics include: theoretical perspectives on the change process, decision making, co-creating a plan of action, uncovering blocks, handling resistance, establishing a plan for accountability, developing holistic interventions for optimal health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand change and transition, specifically, reactive and developmental transitions.
  • Discuss the three phases of transition: endings, neutral zone, and new reality; recognize how to use exercises/tools to illuminate the way of transition.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of advanced communication skills.
  • Define the characteristics of reluctance and resistance in the coaching relationship.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the three stages of Egan's helping process model.
  • Understand the connection between healing and reconstructive change.
  • Examine the ways in which shame, guilt and conscience show up in health coaching clients.
  • Understand the dilemmas and decisions related to choice and transition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the decision making process.
  • Explore the psychology of life choices.