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HTM310 Health Informatics

Course Description

Innovative and best practice technology applications to support human health by individuals, professionals, care delivery organizations, and communities. Internet-based health resources, smart phone/mHealth applications, telehealth, and health-related social networks. Systems, standards, and policies to connect people and technologies securely across healthcare ecosystems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe health technology applications used directly by individuals, patients and families
  • Identify Internet resources useful to health care consumers and professionals
  • Compare mobile/smart phone/tablet applications and the implications for improving human health
  • Discuss the integration and assimilation of technology into the health professional's daily life
  • Compare knowledge-based systems such as those used by physicians, nurses, and the health care team for decision-support, resource allocation, and communications
  • Define terminology and standards for health information systems and technologies
  • Discuss digital applications that support healthcare organizations such as lab systems, electronic prescribing and medication safety, digital medical imaging, and support of planning/documenting patient care
  • Use a virtual electronic health record (EHR) and communication system to access and process simulated health information
  • Describe administrative applications and policies commonly used in healthcare delivery
  • Discuss information systems and technologies used to support community health