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HCA650 Medical Practice Management

Course Description

Management and operational theory and practice for contemporary medical group administration, with emphasis on managed care delivery systems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the role of medical group practice in the context of US healthcare.
  • Evaluate the current and anticipated market forces affecting trends in the medical group practice environment.
  • Compare and contrast clinical operations in ambulatory and long-term care facilities.
  • Apply principles of financial and managerial accounting to medical group practice, including managed care and both short-range and long-range financial decision making.
  • Evaluate a medical group practice facility for safety and functionality.
  • Apply principles of human resources management to medical group practice.
  • Apply principles of information systems management to a medical group practice.
  • Evaluate patient care systems, such as appointment and scheduling systems, to maximize operational effectiveness and patient satisfaction.
  • Describe and illustrate the functional relationships between the medical staff, medical director, and administrator of a medical group practice.
  • Analyze the operational and legal relationships between physicians in a medical group practice and hospitals.
  • Analyze the sources of risk in a medical group practice environment and propose actions for risk management.
  • Analyze legal and governance statutes and standards affecting medical group practice and propose actions to achieve and maintain compliance with those statutes and standards.