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Areas of Study

HCA407 Intro to HC Planning and Eval

Lead Faculty: Dr. Suzanne Evans

Course Description

Development of planning strategies in healthcare organizations. Examination of planning methods from needs assessment through program design. Emphasis on strategic planning strategies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss phases of the organizational life cycle and selected strategies for initiating change within a healthcare organization;
  • Compare and contrast different types of organizational designs and their use in health care organizations;
  • Differentiate between strategic planning and other types of planning;
  • Examine the development of organizational vision, mission, short and long range goals;
  • Identify methods to address salient health care industry trends useful for strategic planning;
  • Describe planning processes used to develop healthcare organizations;
  • Compare theoretical and practical strategic and tactical aspects of healthcare strategic planning and decision-making;
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives for health care organizations


Recommended Preparation

Recommended: Prior completion of