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COH499 Public Health Field Practicum

Course Description

Practical application of knowledge and skills required for a public health professional in a community agency. Students initiate agreement with an agency according to interests, abilities, and availability of approved internship sites and produce a group or individual written project addressing a significant public health challenge. Two month requirement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply theoretical concepts of public health in a specific practice setting.
  • Demonstrate practical knowledge and skills necessary for competent public health practice.
  • Competently apply knowledge and skills to a public health program in an organizational environment.
  • Apply effective communication and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain professional relationships with agency staff and the target audiences of the agency
  • Apply needs assessment, program planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation skills to public health programs.
  • Apply effective communication and advocacy strategies to promote health.
  • Assess a given population's health status based on an ecological approach incorporating biological, psychological, social and systems dimensions to address community health problems.
  • Apply a variety of health promotion methodologies to address a given health problem in a given population group.