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COH494B Public Health Capstone Project

Course Description

Summative, integrative experience drawing student curricular and related experiences together. Student initiated written project required addressing a significant health promotion challenge. Completed written project may be presented orally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the major issues in contemporary environmental health.
  • Discuss how climate change and regional wars affect health throughout the world.
  • Discuss the effects of environmental health on genetics.
  • Discuss the ethics, legal, and justice issues involved in environmental health.
  • Analyze the regional effects of air pollution, energy production, urbanization, transportation and water on the health of the people of a region.
  • Discuss the impact of radiation, injuries, and workplace health and safety on individuals.
  • Conduct a risk assessment of a local area.
  • Plan to maintain and improve the environmental health of a local area.
  • Analyze the local effects of solid and hazardous waste, pest control, pesticides, food safety, indoor air quality, and radiation on the health of a local area.
  • Discuss legal and political solutions for maintaining a healthy environment.