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COH319 Human Sexuality

Course Description

An exploration of the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of human sexuality. Development of a personal sexual philosophy, informed personal choice, awareness, tolerance and respect for sexual diversity. Critical analysis of research, information and public policy regarding sexuality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiate the structures and functions of the human reproductive systems.
  • Examine human sexual development from fetal life through old age including gender identity development and sexual orientation.
  • Contrast healthy human sexual relationships and behaviors with sexual problems,disorders and interpersonal abuse.
  • Compare contemporary methods to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections.
  • Distinguish the stages of fetal development, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Examine the history of policy and regulation to control sexuality including pornography, prostitution, sexual assault and marriage.
  • Evaluate a contemporary public health issue related to sexuality.
  • Appraise their own sexual health throughout their lifespan.