Krystal F. - Class of 2021

Counseling and Advocacy

Ongoing Support and Counseling

All students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are assigned to a SAS team member, who is responsible for assisting with student registration, disability counseling, advocacy, and ensuring students have a fully accessible learning environment at National University. If you would like to make an appointment to meet with your SAS team member, please email us at [email protected].

Partnering with Professors

For the sake of confidentiality, it is your responsibility to share your accommodation letter with each professor from whom you require accommodations. Make sure to keep an electronic or hard copy of your accommodation letter for future classes, as you can use it up until graduation (or the indicated expiration date, if provisional).

Should you ever have challenges communicating with your professor, or feel uncomfortable for any reason, please contact SAS right away. We also provide our Tips for Communicating with Professors to help you engage in self-advocacy during your time at National University.

Academic Support

You are also encouraged to make use of student services here at National University. If you are struggling to meet deadlines, having difficulty getting the grades you would like, or simply would like someone to help you better manage your time, please visit our Student Success Center.

You also have access to a limited number of free math and writing tutor services. If you are struggling in academic writing or finding math difficult, please make an online appointment with our Math and Writing Center.

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