Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Program Overview

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If you’re seeking the highest level of education and training available for hands-on practitioners in the field of psychology, the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) program is for you. This degree prepares students to serve their communities in a variety of vital roles, including clinician, program administrator, evaluator, consultant, educator, supervisor, assessor, and, perhaps most importantly, critical consumer of psychological research.

The Doctor of Clinical Psychology program (PsyD) has a long history of APA accreditation (2003) under the auspices of John F. Kennedy University. As this program transfers to the JFK School of Psychology at NU, an expedited application is being made for an APA accredited status. However, any new student will be admitted to an unaccredited program. National University cannot guarantee that APA accreditation will be granted. There is a possibility that the program may not be accredited before you finish the Program, and if you transfer to another institution before National University obtains this accreditation, your credits may not be transferable.

Any students admitted in 2021 and beyond will be included as having attended an APA accredited program if APA accreditation is awarded. The Doctor of Clinical Psychology program offers unique concentrations including clinical sport psychology, neuropsychology, integrated health, and forensic and correctional psychology. Graduates meet the requirements to apply for licensure as a psychologist in the state of California.

Program Disclosure

The Clinical Psy.D. program under the name National University, Pleasant Hill, CA / John F. Kennedy Teach-Out is “accredited, inactive” by the Commission on Accreditation of the APA. This accreditation status designates an accredited program that is no longer admitting students. This status was granted to accommodate teach-out students from John F. Kennedy University. Persons who were not enrolled in accredited John F. Kennedy programs are not to be admitted to the National University, Pleasant Hill, CA / John F. Kennedy Teachout “accredited, inactive” program.

This program is fully campus-based in California. National University transitioned courses online to proactively respond to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect the health and well-being of our campus community. To ensure the continuity of education for our students and as a practical matter, please be prepared to conduct coursework online until July 2021, and until further notice. The University continues to monitor national, state and local health authorities, programmatic accreditors, and licensure agencies.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundational concepts and guiding principles of scientific psychology
  • Develop, articulate, and maintain constructive and contextually sensitive working relationships with clients, colleagues, supervisors, and other professional contacts
  • Promote, restore, sustain, or enhance positive functioning and a sense of well-being in clients through preventive, developmental, or remedial services
  • Describe, conceptualize, characterize, predict, and present clinically relevant aspects of clients in sociopolitical and cultural contexts
  • Conduct problem identification, selection of appropriate methodology, analysis and interpretation of data, and clear and accurate communication of findings
  • Articulate, value, and work consciously with individual and contextual differences within intersecting systems, in accordance with professional standards, laws, and ethics

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