Study on Your Terms with MyTerms

NU’s MyTerms™ Adjustable Tuition Plan Allows You to Pace Your Own Path to Success

The decision to pursue an industry-current education involves a number of different variables, depending on your goals and motivating factors. Maybe you’re eyeing a promotion at work and want to build your credentials ASAP. Perhaps your plan is to change careers, but your current job doesn’t leave you with a lot of free time for studying and building knowledge in a new field. Maybe controlling the cost of your degree is your number one priority.

At National University, we understand going back to school is not the one-size-fits-all proposition it used to be, so we’re offering you the freedom to pick a plan that works best for you. With a MyTerms™ Adjustable Tuition Plan, you’re in control of:

How much you study

Take as few or as many classes per term that you can comfortably handle. Busy time of year? Pause your studies for a month without falling behind. At NU, you can schedule your classes to fit into your current life and responsibilities.

How fast you finish

Fast-track your degree by taking up to 8 courses in each 16-week term to maximize your academic progress and move your graduation date closer to your goals and dreams. More progress. Less time. Faster finish!

How much you save

Ready to see how it works?

We’re committed to helping you get the most from your education dollars. See how much you can save at NU compared to a traditional tuition model.

Number of CoursesTraditional PriceSubscription PriceYou Save
3$5,370$5,500No Savings
2$3,580$5,500No Savings
1$1,790$5,500No Savings

Ready to study on your terms?

Put your career on the fast track with one of our MyTerms bachelor’s degrees. Your future could be closer than you think!