COVID Notice: To ensure the continuity of education for our students and as a practical matter, all students should be prepared to conduct all coursework online until further notice. We continue to monitor updates from national, state, and local health authorities, programmatic accreditors, and licensure agencies. We will respond collectively to new guidance, rules, and requirements as they evolve over time. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ webpage.

Program and Course Modalities

National University offers a variety of course modalities. NU offers online, onsite, and hybrid courses. The modality represented on the program page represents National University’s WSCUC approved offerings. Please note that the modality of any course may vary from the scheduling of any program specific courses on a month-to month basis.


On-site courses include on ground in-person course instruction, which could be either on campus or at another learning site at a specific time, place, and location. This includes but is not limited to, partner colleges, military bases, or other practicum/internship/clinical sites. Please note that onsite courses may have course information, work or other education related items delivered through online environments and/or tools. Students must meet all due dates and deadlines set by the course. Students participating in on-site courses/programs are required to attend in order to receive credit.

Please note that due to COVID-19, all on-site courses are currently subject to social distancing and other safety restrictions/requirements. As such, on-site courses continue to be limited and subject to smaller class sizes.


Online courses include instruction that is fully virtual and online. Distance education under both federal and regional accreditation standards is present in both of the following definitions and in the hybrid format below. Distance education is comprised of regular and substantive interaction between students and their instructors. Courses that are fully online or hybrid (as defined below) may take place in two (2) formats:

  1. Asynchronous – This flexible format allows students to regularly access substantive instruction, tools, and materials each week on an on-demand basis. Asynchronous online classrooms provide instruction, lessons and/or coursework via an online learning management system that allows students to view instructional materials each week at times of their choice. Requirements and due dates at set for each week, but students can access course information as needed.
  2. Synchronous – This structured format requires students to log in, engage, and attend at specific times and dates. Synchronous online classrooms leverage web and videoconferencing technologies to provide instruction, lessons and/or coursework in real time.


Hybrid courses include both onsite and online instruction. Hybrid courses can have multiple deliveries of course instruction/materials and will have on ground requirements at specific locations and times. The online learning management system is often used to present or supplement course lessons, work, information, and assessments.

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