Education for Working Adults

The good news for adult learners considering heading back to college is that higher education is no longer a one-size-fits-all world. Today there are new certifications, degrees, and programs designed to keep pace with the ever-changing workplace while meeting the needs of working adults.

Among the newest offerings available is a suite of industry-recognized Google Professional Certificates that provide academic credit, helping employees increase employability while getting a degree. Beyond professional certificates, NU recently added seven new degree programs for business, data science, entrepreneurship, human resources, logistics, and marketing professionals.

Google Certificates

NU’s new suite of industry-recognized Google Professional Certificates are programs that provide academic pathways to multiple degrees at NU and give adult learners the credentials they need to succeed in today’s tech-driven economy. Through the training, current students, employees, and alumni gain job-ready skills across six in-demand fields: cybersecurity, data analytics, project management, digital marketing and e-commerce, IT support, and UX design.

These skills can boost careers in an ever-growing number of fields, from education to human resources, as well as in the rapidly expanding digital and tech industry. Job openings for information security analysts, data scientistsweb developers, and digital designers are projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

NU is proud to be the first university to integrate Google Professional Certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Certificate instruction is available across a variety of non-academic and academic programs through a combination of standalone offerings, elective classes, and courses with the skills training embedded in the curriculum.

The innovative approach to academic credit can save students between $1,300 and $6,900 in tuition costs and up to six months of seat-time doing coursework. In some cases, the certificate makes it possible to earn up to five courses toward a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Students can complete each credential in six months or less. Courses are taught in a fully asynchronous format with curriculum created by industry experts, including engineers, technologists, and learning and development experts.

Google Professional Certificates are an extension of National University’s longstanding commitment to educating working adults through its signature credential-rich pathways initiative, which leverages stackable credentials to ensure that individuals have multiple on- and off-ramps to career opportunities throughout their academic experience.

Google Cybersecurity cert

7 New Degree Programs

National University is here to help adult learners discover their path to success and reach their academic goals through its more than 190 degrees, plus credential and certificate programs. The university recently expanded this portfolio with seven new degree programs:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Data Science
    Students gain experience in the data science field, including AI machine learning, cybersecurity analytics, and bioinformation, in this program designed by industry experts. NU’s data science degree balances a strong academic foundation, realistic design, and implementation projects, culminating in a three-month capstone project that enables students to demonstrate professional mastery of their discipline.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
    Students acquire practice-based skills in planning, coordinating, and directing the administrative function of an organization in this program customized by human resource practitioners,. NU’s human resource management degree helps students build a thorough foundation of industry-current qualifications in preparation for an exciting career in this dynamic field.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    By earning this degree developed by e-commerce professionals, students become knowledgeable in coordinating and managing the purchasing, transporting, and warehousing of global supplies. NU’s logistics and supply chain management degree equips students with industry-current knowledge and training to ensure products and supplies are just-in-time sourced, stocked, tracked, and delivered 24/7 around the globe.
  4. Bachelor of Science in Marketing
    Curated by marketing experts, this degree gives students a deep understanding of traditional and current marketing concepts and teaches them how to think strategically while sharpening their communication skills. NU’s marketing degree challenges students to design, research, and analyze emerging marketing content within an ever-changing framework of current global business conditions.
  5. Bachelor of Science in Project Management
    Organized by project management professionals and aligned with Project Management Institute (PMI) competencies, this degree gives students the opportunity to apply communication, leadership, planning, and problem-solving skills to oversee all aspects of a successful project from beginning to end. NU’s project management degree empowers students to become highly skilled and detailed professionals to apply in-demand project management skills in a variety of industries.  
  6. Master of Law and Business
    Students gain practical knowledge of U.S. law and legal systems for use in business and other industries where legal knowledge is an asset in this graduate program designed by both legal and workplace experts. NU’s law and business degree explores coursework in civil litigation, legal research, healthcare, labor relations, and ethics and culminates in a capstone course to demonstrate legal mastery.
  7. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
    Students hone proven entrepreneurial knowledge and skills used to identify opportunities for organizational growth and confidently launch new ventures. NU’s entrepreneurship degree cultivates an enterprising mindset and builds upon established design principles to empower students to navigate the complex challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Good News for Adult Learners

Through the power of NU’s innovative Whole Human Education™, working adults discover there are no barriers to what they can achieve. NU supports students every step of the way on their educational journey, providing academic, financial, career, family, and community, and social and emotional resources to help them excel in their studies.

Free tutoring is available to help students master any subject, while NU’s Math Center helps them sharpen their math skills. Meanwhile, the NU Writing Center offers online consultations that are the ultimate cure for writers’ block — helping students brainstorm ideas, develop their thesis statements, organize or outline their papers, avoid plagiarism and cite sources, and strengthen their writing at the sentence level.

Throughout a student’s academic journey, from enrollment to commencement, the one-on-one support of an academic advisor is only a phone call or email away.

National University recognizes that balancing responsibilities at a job, home, and school isn’t easy and offers support services for time management, study skills, and accessing resources through its Student Academic Success Center, which also offers individual coaching.

Students enjoy access to an online library with one of the largest collections of electronic books in the nation and thousands of reference materials, including peer-reviewed journals and articles. Contact an advisor today to learn about more opportunities at NU.

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To remain relevant in today’s ever-changing workforce, employees are constantly challenged to develop new skills. An educational partnership with National University helps your organization realize the full potential of your talent by providing you the opportunity to:

  • Offer tuition discounts to employees
  • Create your own scholarships and internships
  • Develop industry, organization, and job-relevant skills training
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