Kristian E., Class of 2018, Military Veteran

U.S. Army Admissions Process

Kristian E. Class of 2018, Military Veteran

The pathway to your future starts here

At National University, applications are reviewed year-round, so you can begin classes when it’s convenient for you, whether you enroll online, on base, or on location. Please review the admissions and enrollment process before submitting your application.

Step 1: Determine Level of Tuition Assistance (TA)

Contact the Base Education Office on your base to complete a Department of Defense Request for Tuition Assistance. Completing this form will start you on your way to earning a degree.

Step 2: Apply to National University

  • Determine which degree or program you are interested in. See our list of online programs available to take classes anywhere in the world, or check the locations page for on-base or on-location programs.
  • Next, complete the National University registration form online.
  • After the TA authorization form is completed and signed, you can fax, email or hand carry the TA forms to your advisor. To ensure you are getting the most of your tuition assistance, review the financial aid section.
  • Applications are processed within one week, but TA authorization will take longer to process. Verification of your enrollment and a welcome letter will be emailed to you once everything has been processed.

Please note: If you’re a first-time college student, you must take the ACU Placement test either online or on base within the first 30 days after you enroll.

Step 3: Get textbooks and course materials

Once you’ve submitted your registration form, received confirmation of registration, and submitted your TA forms and payment, you can order your textbooks, CD, and any other course materials online at the University Bookstore.