The Sanford Harmony
Scholar Program

Balkis N. & Daniel S. Class of 2019; Class of 2019

Earn a Master’s in Education with a Full-tuition Scholarship to NU

The Sanford Harmony Scholars Program in Social Emotional Learning will reward outstanding National University students who have demonstrated the potential for academic excellence with a full-tuition scholarship to promote teacher leadership in social emotional learning in their future schools and districts. All Sanford Harmony Scholars are considered ambassadors for the Sanford College of Education and the Sanford Harmony Program.

There are multiple requirements for candidates applying for the Sanford Harmony Scholars Program. Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0. As part of the admission criteria to the Sanford Harmony Scholars Program, a credential packet must be completed and the CBEST must be passed. To maintain the scholarship, the CSET must be passed and scores submitted before the end of ITL 608, Design and Process of Teaching.

Applicants will be recommended for the program by the Selection Committee and approved by the Interim Dean of the Sanford College of Education, Dr. Donna Elder. The scholarship only applies to courses in the Master of Education in Inspired Teaching and Learning with a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential with an emphasis in Social and Emotional Learning and the new Master of Arts in Social Emotional Learning beginning in September 2020. The tuition award will be automatically applied toward tuition after the add/drop date of the term (ninth day). Award will be considered an educational resource when determining eligibility for federal student aid. If selected, FAFSA must be completed and on file with Student Finance for scholarship to be awarded.

Eligibility Requirements

The Sanford Harmony Scholars Program in Social Emotional Learning is open to all National University students seeking a Master of Education in Inspired Teaching and Learning with a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential and with an emphasis in Social Emotional Learning. Sanford Harmony Scholars must maintain adequate progress toward the degree, completing a minimum of 45 units per year. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5. Each candidate’s progress will be reviewed quarterly.

How to Apply

Each applicant is required to submit:

  • A resume and cover letter
  • Proof of passage of California Test of Basic Skills
  • A two-minute or less video explaining why you want to be a teacher leader specializing in social emotional learning
  • A two- to three-page paper, double spaced with 12-point font, addressing your professional goals, your leadership experiences, and how you plan to become a leader in your school and district in social emotional learning
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing your ability to work in the teaching field and leadership skills

Apply to Scholarship


A committee composed of full-time faculty members will screen all applications and make a recommendation to the Dean of the Sanford College of Education who will make the final decision.

Recognition, Engagement, and Responsibility

There will be special events planned for the Sanford Harmony Scholars, and all scholars are required to attend. All Sanford Harmony Scholars will complete the Sanford Harmony professional development within a quarter after receiving the scholarship. The professional development will be offered virtually. While engaged in their coursework, Sanford Harmony Scholars may be asked to speak about their experiences as a Sanford Harmony Scholar. Upon completion of the program, Sanford Harmony Scholars will meet to develop a plan of action as they enter into their teaching careers. Sanford Harmony Scholars will maintain contact with the Sanford College of Education for one year after completing the program.