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Graduate Certificate in Clinical Informatics

Lead Faculty: Ms. Linda Travis Macomber

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Informatics is designed for individuals with advanced healthcare or information technology (IT) knowledge and skills to acquire core competencies that support the collection, management, retrieval, exchange and/or analysis of information in electronic form in healthcare and public health organizations. The program of study includes coursework related to data structures and analysis, health information systems and technologies, planning and project management, staff training, legal and ethical issues including confidentiality, privacy and security and health information technology leadership. This program will be most relevant for health care or IT professionals seeking rapid career advancement or transition to clinical IT.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate health data management technologies and methods to improve the quality, efficiency, equity and safety of healthcare practice and organization.
  2. Develop and implement policies and technologies to protect data integrity and validity, including information privacy and security policies and procedures.
  3. Collaborate in the planning, realization and evaluation of strategies for improving healthcare delivery and achieving institutional strategic initiatives using information systems and technologies.
  4. Evaluate principles and practices in health information technology staff development, technology adoption and change management in a healthcare organization.
  5. Evaluate a healthcare organization's processes and systems to ensure compliance with ethical, legal and regulatory mandates and professional standards of health information technology.


Certificate Requirements (8 courses; 36 quarter units)

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