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Professional Development: In-Demand Job Skills through Online Learning

Gain In-Demand Job Skills through Online Learning

Did you know that earning your degree online can help you to gain the professional skills that you and so many others in today's workplace seek?

We recently polled Carpe Diem readers to learn what types of professional development they were looking for from their employers. The top two answers were "Software Training" and "Communications."

Your online education can help you meet these professional objectives and stand out from the competition. Better yet, they're professional skills that you'll bring into the workplace instead of waiting for your employer to bring them to you!

Software Training and Professional Development
Technology can be daunting, but let's face it, it's the backbone of today's office environment. While learning a new program can help you accomplish new tasks, it's rarely enough to help you get that big promotion or embark on a new career path. The secret to mastering technology in the workplace is to learn to use technology to advance and achieve goals.

That's where online learning comes in! As you learn to navigate your online classroom, you gain vital skills and the confidence to adapt to new technologies and environments that will benefit you throughout your career. Even better, your online studies provide you with the opportunity to use software as a tool for meeting your goals, versus using software as a goal in and of itself.

Business Communications and Professional Development
If technology is the backbone of today's workplace, then communication is the lifeblood that nourishes it! And as the workplace evolves, so do the communications required to keep it running smoothly.

Once again, your online education gives you a leg up in the development of your business communications. While the concept of global communications escapes many of your colleagues, your online education will have introduced you to a global network of classmates with whom you will have collaborated and communicated throughout the course of your education. There's no better way to prepare for the global workplace.

If you're still not convinced that online learning can deliver the professional development you're looking for, talk to your employer and get their take on the future of technology and communication in the workplace. We're sure that together you'll come to agree that online education may be just what your office needs!