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The demand for health care workers, especially nurses, continues to grow at unprecedented rates. With medical technology extending lives and the baby boom generation beginning to retire, career prospects for the nursing industry have never been better!

Whether you prefer to work with patients or behind the scenes, there's a career for you in nursing. For more direct patient contact, consider studying to be a certified nurses' assistant (CNA), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), a registered nurse (RN), or a home health nurse. If you like to help people behind the scenes, you might enjoy a career as a radiological or ultrasound technician, or a nurse consultant.
Nurses work in a variety of settings including mental health facilities, hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, surgery and trauma centers, as well as in oncology, geriatric, pediatric, pulmonary, family and elder care and other specialty areas. Many nursing students study to prepare for work in more than one of these specialized fields.

In California alone, over the next 15 years it is estimated that at least 115,000 additional nurses will be needed. Starting salaries for these positions can range from $62,000 to $74,000 for a new RN, with the average hourly wage for a staff nurse ranging from $30-36 per hour!

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